Keep it in the Community: How Local Radio and Small Businesses can Support Each Other

Today’s consumer is flooded with choice. Whether they notice something while browsing online, see a local advertisement on television, or hear about an upcoming event on the radio – there are several ways to get the attention of a potential customer. With so much consumer choice, smaller businesses may find it harder to stand-out, and effectively target their intended customer. At Big Deals Media, we want both stations and listeners to rethink radio. Through our online gift certificate program, we help stations gain mutually-beneficial partnerships with local businesses. How does it all work?
Big Deals Media works with over 300 radio stations in 85 markets to bring targeted advertising and gift certificate programs online and on the airwaves. By Partnering with Big Deals, we bring listeners to your station’s website, and incentivize local companies to advertise with you for a discounted rate. All of this means growth and diversified ad revenue for your station. Big Deal’s gift certificate programs work by selling both ad space on your station, and a spot on an online gift certificate page. This ad space is purchased through a combination of direct payment and certificates for their business. Our process allows companies to save money advertising on your station, while still generating new customer’s incentivized by the discounted certificates. A simple example of this could be a $20 gift certificate available for $14 online. Since the listeners will be primarily local, businesses can target their ideal customer more efficiently and effectively. Additionally, many listeners will be hearing about the company for the first time, with the discounted certificate giving them a great reason to try something new. Our certificate programs help radio stations boost their ad revenue, gain a great online presence, and make a positive impact on their local community.
Big Deals Media is a key partner for transforming marketing efforts, facilitating brand development, and fostering mutually-beneficial advertisement partnerships with broadcast stations. Whether you are a radio broadcast station or a local business looking for advertising opportunities, you have a lot to gain through working with us. Ready to get started? Shop local, buy local, and save money with Big Deals.
Contact us today at 952-905-3262, or visit our website and request a free quote.

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