Gift Certificate Program

A different payment solution

At Big Deals, we are highly experienced at using Gift Certificate marketing to generate huge returns. We created Big Deals as radio station operators for several years before we launched in 2010, taking our program on the road. Our experience includes managing one of the largest gift certificate marketing programs in the nation for a stand-alone AM station, which brought in more than $400,000 per year.
We provide a payment solution for radio stations through the creation of highly effective New Business programs that use Gift Certificates. It is a combination gift certificate and hybrid cash payment solution that gives small businesses in your local area an affordable way to achieve successful marketing results. This method involves frequency and consistency, and it delivers an outstanding return on investment for your radio station.

With Big Deals, you have the opportunity to target key categories of business; Categories in which radio is typically not strong.

Supporting Your Success

Our radio gift certificate program provides the following important deliverables to your station:

  • Routine email advertising blasts
  • Help starting your gift certificate marketing program with an in-market sales visit and sales training
  • A competitive edge in your targeted market area with 25 miles of exclusivity for your station
  • Access to and continual training in the industry’s premier e-commerce marketplace software

To learn about our radio gift certificate program, radio station affiliate programs, and the related capabilities we offer to help you build a profitable radio marketing effort, call us today at 952.905.3262 or leave us a message through our contact form.