About Big Deals


We know the Gift Certificate marketing business better than just about anyone, and we know it from a unique perspective… Yours!  

We developed Big Deals as Radio station operators for seven years before taking our show on the road in 2010. In fact, we operated one of the single largest gift certificate marketing programs in the U.S..!

Big Deals helps radio stations build powerful New Business programs utilizing Gift Certificates as PART of the payment solution:. This hybrid cash and gift certificate payment solution affords local businesses the opportunity to purchase radio the right way… with frequency and consistency, so they achieve a superior return on their advertising investment with your radio station(s).
And Big Deals is a natural new business opportunity; the categories of certificates that sell best are categories still owned by Television, Newspaper and Direct Mail.

Our service is market-exclusive and we actually come into your market to help your sales team kick off their sales efforts.

Looking for a competitive edge for your stations this year? Give us a call and let’s talk.