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Big Deals Media helps radio stations start powerful New Business programs with an effective radio advertising and marketing strategy.

Utilizing Gift Certificates as part of the payment solution.

Big Deals Media helps radio stations start powerful New Business programs utilizing Gift Certificates as part of the payment solution. This hybrid cash and gift certificate payment affords stations the opportunity to tap into categories of local business (i.e. restaurants, entertainment, etc) where radio is typically soft.

We’ve developed our program that utilizes effective radio sales strategies from a unique perspective…Yours! You see, we operated radio stations in Minneapolis-St. Paul for several years. And over that time we relied on Big Deals to be a key cog in our New Business Development. In fact, Big Deals generated over $400,000 annually for us! In 2010 we decided to take our show “on the road” and offer up our proprietary sales and software solution to local broadcasters across the country. As a leader in radio station promotion we now have over 300 radio stations in 85 markets doing business with over 3,000 local businesses utilizing a Big Deals program!

With Big Deals local businesses are provided an Integrated Marketing Solution, complete with a commercial radio schedule, a searchable mini website that links to their website and/or social media, as well as a built-in traffic driver with the gift certificates. Our unique high-powered radio branding strategy combines with a digital presence and creative radio promotions to turn your listeners into shoppers. Some of our affiliates call Big Deals a guaranteed response program!

For more information about our radio revenue solution give us a call today at 952.905.3262 or send us a message through our contact form.

Big Deals

To ensure your success Big Deals provides some key deliverables to your stations, including:

An in-market sales trip and sales training to help your staff kick off the program

Regular email marketing blasts executed on your behalf

Access and ongoing training to the best e-commerce marketplace software in the industry

25 miles of exclusivity for your stations to give your stations a competitive edge in your primary market area

Nobody knows the gift certificate marketing space, and how it can integrate with local radio, better than Big Deals Media.

If you’re in need of a New Business Initiative we would love to talk with you!