Marketing your Radio Station in 2021

Long-standing as one of America’s treasured traditions, radio broadcasts are on the rise again with the introduction of digital streaming and podcast formats. The internet’s worldwide audience and ability to make anything “go viral” makes now the perfect opportunity to get your message out there. However, with ever-increasing competition in the digital broadcasting space, it is important to have a plan on effectively marketing your station in 2021. One of the best ways you can help your station grow is by incorporating an easy format for advertisers to work with.

Integrated Advertising Solutions

Having an advertiser-friendly format for your radio broadcast has long-been a favorable method for success. Giving potential advertisers a clear schedule, laying out the times, dates, and themes of your broadcast shows is invaluable for getting high-quality sponsors that match your content and target demographics.

For example, if you have a film review show on your station, it would make sense that a local cinema advertises during that slot. Taking it further, you could have advertisements for local bars and restaurants near the theater, or even for local film memorabilia shops and camera equipment stores.
Big Deals Media offers an integrated radio broadcast advertising solution that incorporates a commercial schedule, targeted mini-website and a gift certificate program, all designed to attract and retain sponsors and advertisers. We have years of experience helping broadcast stations get high-quality advertisements, with 200 radio stations in 68 markets working with us.

To find out more and to learn more about our gift certificate program and integrated marketing solutions contact Big Deals Media today.

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