Covering Local Radio like a Blanket!

  • 65 Markets
  • 200+ Stations
  • More than 3,000 Local Businesses participating in Big Deals Programs

The Bottom Line

You won't believe the revenue your website will generate by adding our proprietary E-commerce shopping site to it!

Is your Digital Revenue Solution Stuck in Analog?

There's a better solution.

Email Marketing

Email marketing to your customers is an integral form of communication, and we do it for you!

We come to you!

To ensure your success, we include a market trip to help you jump-start your sales efforts!

Shop Local

Give your stations a competitive edge by forming partnerships with local businesses!

Affiliate Conferences

Affiliate conferences held in Minneapolis, MN and Lake Ozark, MO offer opportunities to network with other affiliates and learn how to grow your revenue with the program.

Professionally Produced Commercials

Professionally produced jingles and voiced commercials to help you brand your Big Deals program.


Your Advertisers Win

Advertisers are demanding more accountability from their marketing dollars. By combining the branding power of your radio stations with the transactional capabilities of gift certificates, you will be able to offer an integrated marketing solution that local businesses in your community will love!

Your Listeners Win

Turn your station website(s) into a shopping solution. Your listeners will love the ease and convenience of e-commerce!

Your Company Wins

The Big Deals solution allows radio stations to tap into categories of business where radio is typically soft. You won't believe the New Business Revenue you will generate.